Retail Space

Find Conveniently Located Retail Space with Chandler Medical Plaza

While consumers count on online shopping for its convenience, retail spaces still make up the majority of purchases, both here in Chandler and throughout the country. Are you in search of retail space? If so, you already know what the major considerations are. Should you rent or buy? How much square footage do you need? Does the area attract a fair amount of foot traffic? Ideally, retail spaces are built to encourage the flow of customers. They’re designed for customers to walk openly through the environment and easily browse products. Chandler Medical Plaza specializes in properties that contain a back-of-house, or a storage area where merchants keep and categorize the inventory that isn’t on the sales floor. Our knowledgeable team can help you find the perfect space and evaluate exactly what retail property will work best for your business. As you go forward, you may find it helpful to use accounting software to get your finances in order and forecast how much you can spend on rent or a mortgage per month while still turning a profit. Chandler Medical Plaza helps to assess how much space can you afford without taking on too much overhead, assisting you in researching the cost per square foot of other stores of the area and taking into consideration how much inventory you have. A few preliminary items to consider include:

  • Pinpointing Your Shop’s Specific Needs
  • Identifying Your Ideal Neighborhoods
  • Inspecting Each Potential Retail Space
  • Negotiating a Favorable Lease or Agreement on a Purchase
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