Medical Office Space 

Find a Conveniently Located Medical Facility with Chandler Medical Plaza

Chandler Medical Plaza is highly specialized in the field of real estate for the medical industry. Our team has assisted countless doctors and medical practitioners in leasing, renting, and purchasing buildings for their Chandler practice. There are certain features to consider when looking for medical office spaces to lease or rent. For those beginning the search, the main considerations often relate to the use X-ray machines, CT scans, and other specialized equipment. For those seeking medical office space in the area, Chandler Medical Plaza encourages providers to consider adding an exclusivity provision to their leasing agreement to ensure that no competition can move into the building. Some health care providers like being the only medical office within their office space. An exclusive use provision is a lease term in which the landlord promises not to lease any other space in the building to a competitor. Chandler Medical Plaza will be able to answer any questions regarding ADA requirements so that your space is accessible, suitable, and comfortable to all. Likewise, our staff can help you consider what furniture and décor will best suite your practice. Easy access to medical facilities is particularly important for people with disabilities. Not only do they deserve to be able to see their doctor and receive the same quality of treatment without barriers, but people with disabilities often need to see their doctors more often. Medical office space is distinct from standard coffee shops or convenience stores, as they have more specific requirements to keep in mind when it comes to staying ADA compliant.

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